Block Management

Our services are fundamentally structured to your personal needs for your specific block. Our services include and are not restricted to:

  • Full management Service
  • 24hr maintenance service
  • Dedicated team for your property
  • Scheduled property inspections
  • Direct access to financial information

We ensure that the exact details of your specified services are clearly stated within our contract. Each contract is tailored specifically for each building.


In today’s current climate it is imperative that all aspects of insurance are explored and it is a necessity to ensure that the correct cover is in place to protect the residents, directors and of course the building. We would prefer to focus on the worst case scenarios so we are prepared for the worst.??To the right is a list of the various aspects of insurance that we will advise you on, in relation to the requirements of your property.

  • Buildings Insurance
  • Terrorism cover
  • Employer’s liability insurance
  • Directors & officers insurance
  • Plant & equipment insurance
  • Residence association insurance

In general, larger buildings will employ their own staff from part time caretakers to residential porters, this aspect of management takes on new risks, the building or (company) is classed as the employer, and therefore has to abide to all aspects of employment law and health & safety.??This area of management is specialist and must be dealt with accordingly.

  • We manage all employed staff
  • We manage health & safety
  • We manage employment Law
  • We recruit on your behalf
  • We manage employment contracts
  • We manage the welfare of all staff
  • We manage training programmes

Every Building needs regular inspections, lack of presence from your managing agent will result in a poorly run building, and ultimately it will result in the agent being changed.??We at MovingInn agree in writing a schedule of visits, the frequency will depend on the size and complexity of the property, whatever is agreed we stick to.

  • Inspection dates agreed from the outset.
  • Emergency visits are not a problem.
  • Site report prepared and distributed after visit to all lease holders.
  • All residents are notified in advance, so if they require they can meet with the agent.
  • Photographs are taken of any defects, faults or problems.

We will ensure that, all the required contracts are in place to ensure that your building is running smoothly, we monitor expiry dates and service visits to ensure everything is in order.

We also:

  • Negotiate terms and conditions
  • Monitor quality
  • Monitor cost control
  • Re tender were required
  • Terminate contractor were unsatisfactory performance is evident