Land & New Homes

Moving Inn provides expert advice and a tailored service meeting the specific needs of today's developers. We know exactly what sort of sites are in demand, and we can help both developers and investors achieve the maximum market price, in the shortest possible time.

Our passion and strength is sourcing land and residential development opportunities for clients.

We handle land acquisitions through to completion of the finished properties, development appraisals to marketing strategies and offer investment advice for both individual purchasers and larger portfolio clients through to large investment funds.

Our services include:

  • Access to our large client database
  • Feasibility advice and market research
  • Professional appraisals
  • Advice on floorplans and layout design
  • Innovative and focused marketing.
  • Planning advice
  • Land sourcing and site acquisitions
  • Managing planning applications
  • Development consultancy
  • Town and country planning consultancy
  • Property investment consultants